I’m BACK!!!!!



I’m BACK!!!!

Hello Everyone! I took a couple of months off for myself but I am back!! These last few months have been hectic, but I was blessed with a little miracle … a baby kitten.

I went to Punta Mia, Mexico, in September and little did I know that a beach trip would turn out to be my best trip ever.

I went there with my family and the boyfriend … did some exploring, eating, tanning, etc. but out of nowhere, in the middle of day, a baby kitten came into my life … I was in love!!!

Stay tuned for the story of the baby kitten that changed my life  :)




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Happy Thursday and it’s probably Happy Friday to some of you!!!

Here is a blast from the past. A few of my favorite shots from the last couple of months :)

Hope you like them and have a wonderful 4th of July!!




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“You have chosen to be here on Earth and in human form right now, at this vital time, so keep it real – you are not meant to be perfect (what is that anyway?). Be involved in your world, embrace all your experiences, revel in life, its emotions, its ups and downs, the beauty of our planet, honouring your human journey in all its manifestations. Only in this way can you create your Heaven ON Earth.”

Happy first day of July :) … be grateful for today and hope for a better tomorrow.

La feria

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 Happy Sunday hanys!

This weekend I went to the fair in Del Mar and it was so cool. Full of people, bad food for you that tastes amazing and fun rides… made me feel like I’m a little girl again.

Here are a couple of pictures I took with my iPhone.

Have a great week!!







Happy Friday hanys!!

I’ve taken a bit of some time off to travel and spend some time with my loved ones :) Here are a couples of pictures from this last month … Enjoy!